Service is provided from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days per week. I cannot guarantee the exact time of your pet's visit, but I will try to be there as close to your pet's normal schedule as possible. A standard visit is 30-40 minutes. This may run longer for a home with multiple pets or pets that require extra attention. It may also run shorter than 40 minutes for homes with low-maintenance pets or pets that do not like to interact or play with people. In the event that the animals require no one-on-one time, I will stay as long as it takes to complete all tasks. There is no discount for shorter visits, the standard fee applies.

During this initial visit, I will meet you and your pet in your home, obtain all the necessary information regarding your pet's routine and get any special instructions about your pet and your home. There is NO charge to you for this initial visit.

While you are away, I will bring in your mail and newspapers, take out the trash and recyclables, pooper scoop your yard, clean up litterbox, and water your plants at no charge to you. Please let us know ahead of time if there's anything else that we can do for you!

Payment is due in full prior to services being rendered. I will refund any payment made on scheduled visits not completed for any reason (early return, change of plans, cancellations, etc.) as long as I receive advance notice within 48 hours of my first visit.

I ask at our initial meeting that you keep enough food and supplies on hand for your pets. In the event that I run out of any item needed to care for your pet during your absence, reimbursement of the cost of supplies will be added to the initial fee.

If it is part of your pet’s normal routine, I will brush him/her. Nail trims are available at an additional cost. If your pet requires a trip to the groomer while you are away, arrangements must be made in advance. You must make arrangements to pay your groomer.

It is my policy to never let a dog off-leash unless he/she is in a securely enclosed area. If you do not have a fenced in yard, I cannot let your dog have the run of the yard. It is for the animal's own safety. If your dog needs to run, I can arrange to take the dog to an off-leash park. Please make sure that your animal's collars are tight enough to prevent them from wriggling or slipping out. I walk any pets that like walking on a leash. If I cannot control an animal on leash, I cannot walk it for its own safety and mine. During extreme heat waves, extreme cold spells or dangerous weather conditions (thunderstorms, etc.), I will not walk your pet.

If your schedule makes it difficult for you to take your dog out for his/her walks, I offer a dog-walking service for one or two daily walks. This service is provided during my regular hours of operation 7am to 8pm. As of now I am offering weekend walks as well.

If your pet/pets require medication we are able to administer vet prescribed medication. We will not however, be able to take care of sickly pets that have not been seen by a verterinarian or are not under regular veterinarian care.

In the event of an emergency, I will take your pet to your vet or, if your vet is unavailable, a vet of my choosing. I will never hesitate to take a pet to the vet if I see it exhibiting signs that it may need medical care. I will contact you immediately in the event of a medical emergency.

Where to keep your pets while you are gone: Please let us know where your pet is kept while you are gone - some pets are allowed free range of their home. Some pets, however are destructive when left alone. Let us know where your pet likes to sleep such as a specific room, crate, etc. This way we can avoid your pet being destructive while you are gone.

Our goal is to provide only amazing service to you and your pets. We are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure your pet is absolutely comfortable and happy while you are gone.



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